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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy states that what type of information we collect and how we use the information of our visitors which is provided to us when they visit our website http://www.hairstylesforgirl.com. Please note the fact that when you visit this site or using software(if any)  or using any of its service you agree to our privacy policy. If you have any issues with our policy, please do not visit or use our website in any way.

When you visit this site, the server asks the visitor to install cookies on visitor’s personal computer or laptop or mobile whatever it is. If the recipient does not allow the installation of website cookies then he may not be allowed to visit various parts of our website.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small set of data or text which is installed in the visitor’s hard disk. Cookies are a unique text which is assigned to you by the website so that you can access the website. These web cookies can only be read by http://www.hairstylesforgirl.com  as it issued the same to you. These cookies are designed to personalize your visit to our website. So, that less time is consumed while navigating to your required page.

Therefore, you are asked to give your permission before storing the cookies on your device. You have the liberty to accept or reject the cookie. If you do not accept one or more cookies, the information you access on the website may not be clearly visible to you.

Advertisements appearing on the website:

This website is supported by various advertisements which enable us to offer our visitors free usage of our website. We do our best to cooperate with these advertising networks. These networks may require you to fill in your personal information. Please note that the data you fill in such advertisements is not controlled by us. Hence, we cannot assure the security of such information.

Furthermore you may see advertisements of different mobile apps, third part websites and games on our page. The site may provide access to the social networking sites through the ads appearing on its front page. Please note that if you follow any of such links appearing on the site’s page, you will be redirected to that application or website while leaving our page.

Once you move to the other links, we cannot guarantee the security of your system and information. These links may be the genuine or hyperlinks full of viruses.

What kind of information does http://www.hairstylesforgirl.com gathers from you?

We collect information directly from our visitors which are allowed by law. The purpose of collecting information, if any, is made clear. We assure you that we will not share or edit your information without your permission. We may require your personal information at certain parts of our website for the purpose of registration or submission. While registering with us, you will be required to provide your name, email address, a user name and password specifically for http://www.hairstylesforgirl.com.

We assure that the information submitted with us will be stored in encrypted form so that third partied cannot access the same. And we promise that we will not share your information with any other unless and until it is required under law to disclose the information for fulfillment of legal responsibilities. For example, provision of information against a court’s order or summon.

How do we use the information we collect?

  • The information collected by us is generally used to improve the site. So, that we can assess what is upcoming demand of the market and what you would love to see on our site. This helps us in development of new products which may be of your interest.
  • In addition to the above we use the data collect to provide our visitors, ease of navigation on the website.
  • We may use the information for marketing or advertisement purposes to enhance the image of our site.

However, we assure you that we do not sell, share, and disclose your personal information to the third parties other than those whom you have agreed to share with.

We do not have any affiliates, partners or subsidiaries; any one claiming to be so should be treated as a scam. And it should not be considered as information provided by our site.