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New Party Hairstyles for Long Hair without Makeup

You have to attend the birthday party of your friend and wandering for how to style your hair? Here, we are to help you in what you are looking for. We will tell you what is in out these days and how you can look outstanding amongst others. Hairstyle is an important part of your preparation.

Why hair styling is important?

Trendy and sleek hairstyles are very important for your aesthetical appearance.  They define your personality to a great extent.  At times, people neglect hairstyles and pay more attention to their clothing. This is obviously not a good idea, as they lose a chance to give an extra wow to their looks.

Hairstyling is not limited for the parties or gathering only, instead it has become a must to do the thing now. You can skip the makeup but you can’t just skip the hair style. A variety of hairstyles is available on the internet for the different occasion. There is hair styles specified for a job interview as well. It’s because, your interviewer is going to judge your overall personality and not the clothing only.

New-Party Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair-without-Makeup
Hair style without makeup
Hair style for party

Why girls copy famous stars?

You must have seen girls copying their favorite stars. Yes, because they want to keep themselves updated.  Fashion trends are changing every now and then and so are the hair styles. It has been made a lot easier for the today’s girl to style up, as there are variety of hairdos easily available on the internet. But, one thing you need to focus is what suits you?

Dealing with the long hairs is quite easy as compared to the short ones. As the length of your hairs gives you the advantage to style up in a variety of ways. Even if you have no time to style up your hair, you can just leave you open with a nice band or you can fall to a simple ponytail which looks classy with long straight hairs.

Here are some hairs styling ideas for long hairs.

How to deal with long hairs?

Braided hair styles:

Latest braided designs have become a fashion and are hard to neglect. It tells you how to tie your hair in many ways like normal three stranded braid, fish braid, five-stranded braid, knotted braid and much more.

You can hangout, you can play, you can dance, and you can work easily without missing a chance to look wonderful. Nowadays, we see girls are very impressed with the braided hair styles of frozen Elsa and Anna. Many people have given tutorials to help style your hairs just like Elsa. So, we can say that long braids are a trend alert these days.


It’s so exciting to try a new hairdo for every other day. You can play around with your hairs to make a nice bun. Bun gives a sober look to your personality. A simple low bun would look perfect for office while little messy bun would look perfect for a college party.

Even the Brides are usually seen to adorn their hairs in a bun to look beautiful. You can style your hair in a twisted bun, double bun, side braided bun, fabric bun, simple donut bun, layered bun and much more. Some of these are very easy to make and some are hard, yet look beautiful.

Open hairs hairstyles:

Moreover, you can also leave your hair open. You can straight them up or just put some curls or just give a bit of wave. The most common one is the backcombing of front or back hairs and give them volume. Heavy volume of you hairs gives your face a slimmer look and therefore, is suggested for the women with round and big faces.

In addition to this you can leave you hairs half braided and half open. A front braided band with rest of hairs open gives a very classy look for almost occasion.

New-Party Hairstyles-without-Makeup
Lovely hairstyle


If you are bored of your current hairstyle and want a change then we have a solution for you. Here are some tips to change your hair styles:

  • Give your hair a different color.
  • You can add hair extensions or highlights as well.
  • Try a new hair cut.
  • Go for perming or rebounding depending upon the texture of your hairs.

In short, you can apply any of the above mentioned ideas to look different from others yet classy. In past, application of heavy makeup was considered as a fashion symbol. But the trend changed over past few years. Now women want to enhance their natural beauty instead of applying layers of makeup. Trendy hair styles add to your beauty even without the makeup. So, style up and enjoy.

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