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Hottest Haircuts of 2016

Hairs are the most important feature of any person. Your hairs are the best and most notable aspect of your personality. Just as your hairs are important so are haircuts. Haircuts show your taste and knowledge of fashion and style. As time is passing by women are trying more styles that they can do with their hairs to look up to date and trendy.

Why haircuts are important?

A woman who cuts her hair is going to bring a change in her life. A good haircut can accessorize your personality and enhance your style. A good haircut makes you feel a lot better than you were before. It reveals the type of person we are. Who doesn’t want to look good? If you have a good haircut what else do you need? You should invest in your hair because hairs are crown you never take off.


What is in this year?

Hair cut upgrade your personality somewhat. If you got bored of your hair cut you definitely want a change of your hair style. But one thing which you might be thinking of is what is in fashion in year 2016. Here is a look on what is in this year.



We have seen many celebrities are going for bangs this year like Selena Gomez. The bangs are a perfect idea for both short and long hairs. It goes well with all lengths. If you have round or oval face then bangs are the best option for you. But the length of the hairs should be decided according to your face and texture of your hairs.


Texturized Lob:

Cut your hairs to shoulder length. So that, you can just give a little wave to your to give it a trendy look. You might have seen celebs like Emma Watson having style up her hairs like this.



As mentioned earlier, bangs are in this season. Fringes with layered hairs with shoulder length will look great on you.  Length of the hairs should be enough to tie them up in a ponytail.

Classy hair style of 2016
Classy hair style of 2016

Full fringe:

Cut you hairs in a bang shape with layers covering your face from the sides. Full fringes are lengthy as compared to shag. And they look great if styled with a bun or with soft curly hairs.


Bob or wedge cut:

Bob cuts and wedges have remained in fashion for years. You can never call them out of fashion or outdated. They always look great with oval shaped face.

Wedges in short bob cut gives your hair a textured volume and make them look fuller. So, if your hairs are thin you can go for wedges to give your hairs a nicer look. Well, you can curls or perm your hair to given even more healthy look. And it looks stylish as well.

Hottest Haircuts of 2016

Trapezoid Afro

This is a diamond shaped hair cut in which you cut your hairs short while leaving your lower hairs a bit longer than the upper ones. It gives volume to your upper hairs while thinner look at bottom. If you go for bangs with this cut, you will get even classier look.

How to choose a haircut?


Well we do know that haircuts are important, but which one to go for is the basic question. The first thing that helps in deciding your haircut is your face shape. Here are some tips to decide which kind of hair cut you should go for:

  • If you have oval face then every haircut suits your face. So if you have oval face then you should go for shoulder-length waves.
  • If you have a long face then it is advisable to avoid long hairs. You can cut the hairs in long layers. Wavy layered hairs look good on girls having long faces.
  • A problem with round face is that whatever haircut you have, it just doesn’t suit you. You should try mixed layered bangs rather than having straight bangs
  • If you have heart shaped face then long bangs are right choice for you. Why don’t you try on some loose waves? Or you should go for face framing layers.
  • Girls having squared shaped face should try on a mono length angled bob. Because keeping hair close to your face will soften your sharp face cuts. You might go for eye-skimming bangs. Or have you tried about off-center part?

These tips and knowledge of the haircuts will definitely help you in choose which hair style you should go for. Happy hair cutting!

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