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Hollywood Celebrities Hairstyles and Dresses

Whenever we talk about fashion or updated styles, the first thing which comes to our mind is the famous celebrities. The celebrities we love to see and the styles we long to follow. The fashion trends around the globe are ranked by analyzing what the famous Hollywood stars like to do with fashion, be it hair style or the dresses.

You must be looking for a way out to follow the shining stars of the Hollywood. Here we are to help you in a most exciting manner. We have highlighted the current styles of celebrities for you.  Let’s discuss the style of certain Hollywood celebs, to help you find out the most favorable style for you:

Angelina Jolie: Well, I guess the name is enough to describe the beauty. She was, is and always will be on the top list of every fashion, style, beauty. Angelina Jolie’s hair-style for this year is straight, sleek, smooth hair; she has gone for a variety of hair colors throughout her life like caramel, black, brown, blonde color. Round the year she has been wearing mostly mid length and foot length dresses. She always used to keep her hairs straight with a good length.


Emma stone: ”Spider-woman” has gained fame by her single movie spider man. Emma has gone for bob cut this season. This style makes her look more serene and feminine. She has gone for a dark hue on the met ball red carpet with hairs styled in shoulder length curls. She has worn chestnut-hued brunette on the Met gala red carpet. If you want your personality to speak out loud then you should go for this style.


Cameron Diaz: A beautiful talent in her, she still stops heartbeat of many millions. Nowadays she is wearing choppy bobs. She has gone for blonde color as always. She has gone for certain types of dresses for this year, including mid-length and foot length dresses, shirts and a variety of a lot more. A decent yet elegant style keeper she is.


Charlize Theron: She is a diva in her, with a killer smile she can make everyone mad after her. She has gone for bun style and blonde hairs. She wore a red dress on Oscar’s red carpet. She looked so beautiful that she was given the best dressed award for her beautiful dress. This shows how best her dressing taste is. Cheers to Charlize Theron!


Mila Kunis: Beautiful girl with deep eyes and good face cut has gone for black hair color for this year. She has been wearing mid-length and short sized dresses since pregnancy. She was given the best-dressed title in ‘bad moms’ premier. She wore purple chiffon dress with dark brown curls on the Oscar awards and she looked damn beautiful.


Scarlett Johansson: She might be called the ‘Google Girl’ as she is most searched on Google by men. She earned not only money, but also a love of millions. She has been wearing foot length dresses all along this year.


Jennifer Lawrence: Jennifer is beautiful, winning millions of hearts; she is a mind-blowing actor. She has gone for shoulder length hair cut this season with icy blonde hair color. She wore a black Dior on the Oscar awards. So, yeah long length dresses are still in girls. Go grab some nice pieces for you.


Jessica Alba: An amazing actress, beautiful, Jessica is called “hottest woman of Hollywood”. She has gone for a lob with a darker brown hair color. She went for more blacks and whites this year. She wore a long white gown at the Vanity Fair Oscar awards.


Olivia Wilde: Beautiful girl with beautiful eyes, Olivia has gone for mid length hairs for this year with loose curls. She chose a white pleated gown as her dress for the Oscar awards.


Jennifer Aniston: Along with having beauty having a great body, she has always been a fantasy for many people. She has gone for blonde, shoulder length hairs. She pulled her hairs back in a ponytail on zoo land 2 premiers.


I believe the above-stated search is enough to help you guys which style you should for. Styling has never been made easy before. These celebs the heart of limelight which decides really well what is in and what is out these days. So, let’s dress up nicely and get ready for a hangout.

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