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28 Trendiest Disconnected Undercut Ideas and Guide (Updated 2017)

The disconnected undercut is when your hair is short on the sides and long on top. Instead of blending the sides with the top, there’s a sharp contrast or transition between the two, so the two sides are “disconnected” gives it a cool and edgy look. With longer hair, it’s usually slicked back or back and to the side, which is called a modern quiff. This is also referred to as simply an “undercut.” The length for this is best when your hair touches anywhere between your eye brows and the bottom of your nose.

Fades on a Disconnected Undercut

Typically, there will be a slight fade on the sides and back leading up to line separating it from the top. Lately, the fade has been getting shorter, almost to a bald fade at the bottom and a gradual fade up to a size 1 guard near the top. If you’re not comfortable with a bald fade, then ask your barber for the clipper to be set between one and three. A more modern look is to have a taper fade at the bottom, to give it more natural and clean look.


What to Tell Your Barber

  • Ask for the “disconnected undercut.”
  • Let them know what kind of fade you want, if at all. If they use clippers, ask for anywhere between a 0 and 3.
  • Ask for to a taper fade around the very edges at the neck line for that clean and modern look.
  • Ask for extra space around your ears so that as your short hair on the side grows, it won’t grow over your ears as quickly.
  • Ask for them to texturize your hair for a messier look and if you have thicker hair, this will naturally thin it out.
  • Take advantage of their expertise and ask them how you should style it based upon your hair length, hair type, face shape, time and product budget.

Styling a Disconnected Undercut

  1. Start with wet hair and add a control and volumizing product, also known as a pre-styler that sets the foundation.
  2. Take a brush or comb and blow dry from front to back or to the side and back until your hair is dry.
  3. Use a quarter size amount of a clay wax with a matte finish, texture clay or a pomade and rub all through your hair.
  4. Either use a comb to comb it back for a clean look or use your fingers for a more casual, messy look.
  5. Finish with a holding spray if you plan on being a little more active that day.

Check out the popular video by BluMaan on how to style the disconnected undercut:

Disconnected Under Hairstyle & Haircut Ideas


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